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Transnational Intermediate Seminar

The Resolution Consortium project partners are currently working on the organisation of a mid-term transnational seminar. This event will take place on 17 June in the afternoon and will aim to share the results of the project with a diversity of actors from various European countries and to capitalise on the experiences and feedback from the experimentation of tools related to intellectual productions. The event will also have the ambition to confront the first results of the project with other works and experiences at European level in order to draw lessons for the elaboration of the deliverables foreseen in this project.

This event is addressed to a very diverse audience: public and private decision-makers, citizens, European actors in the fields of guidance, employment and vocational training.

The event will be organized around a round table on the European issues related to the identification and support of people far from employment. A discovery of the project and its tools is also planned, with the presentation of the main axes of the project, the online platform and its different sections.

Date: 17 June 2021 – from 14:00 to 17:00 pm.
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The ReSolution resources

The ReSolution project partners wish to collect feedback from employment professionals on the MOOC and the tools developed in the framework of the project.

For this reason, they have organised a series of free local online events in May 2021, the results of will be presented at the transnational seminar in June.

All free project resources are being finalised and will soon be available in 5 languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian). They will include:

The MOOC, designed in close connection with the tutorials and the training toolbox, and the training tutorials, integrated in the platform, are based on the toolbox to go deeper into the examples. The main objective of the ReSolution resources is to offer an innovative method of approach and contact with the public away from employment.

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Meet our partners!

Galileo Progetti

Is a non-profit organisation, founded in 2009, based in Budapest.

Our main objectives are the development of the social economy and the social sector, and the inclusion policies of people who are disadvantaged or threatened by social exclusion, such as Roma minorities and people with disabilities.

We work for…

  • Social inclusion
  • Employment
  • Equal opportunities
  • Inclusive and intercultural education
  • Improving the quality of early childhood education
  • Combating poverty, exclusion and discrimination
  • Full citizenship

Through its activities, GALILEO aims to contribute to :

  • sustainable development and growth
  • strengthening social inclusion and the social economy in Hungary
  • promoting the awareness of professionals and society, sharing good practice
  • increase the European dimension.

We work mostly at the European level, promoting exchanges of best practices and experiences, and we work in partnership with Hungarian private and public organisations.

We believe that international experiences enhance personal and professional skills and have a positive impact locally.

We love non-formal and informal education, we love music (check out our office :-D) and we love teamwork!

And now… we know, you are curious!

– Why the name « GALILEO »? … Guess!

« And yet it moves » is a phrase attributed to the Italian physicist and philosopher Galileo Galilei, after he was forced to renounce his claims that the Earth moves around the Sun, not the other way around.

Like Galileo, we want to affirm the principle that we do not give up in the face of possible difficulties, and we continue to promote our ideals of a more inclusive, equitable and ever-changing society!

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