Newsletter December 2021

Happy Holidays!

The festive season is coming and we have some nice things to offer:


Our gifts: some of the productions designed in the project ReSolution!

The main objective of ReSolution is to provide innovative methods of approach and contact with people far from employment within a digital platform created especially for this purpose. It integrates Moocs with recommended professional methods and postures to support this audience, training tutorials on the scouting process and a toolbox that comprises a series of 16 good practices on the re-mobilization of audiences far from employment, with in-depth examples.

Here are two examples of videos that you can find in the MOOC platform:

SIPA project experience:

NEET tutorial:

Find up-to-date information here:


Meet our partners!

GIP – The Public Interest Group “Lifelong Learning” (GIP FTLV) is an academic structure for training and training engineering, chaired by the Rector of the Academy. 

GIP is intended to carry or manage projects on behalf of certain services of the Rectory and support missions against GRETA:

  • Portage answers to public procurement
  • Design and management of educational resources
  • Development and implementation of the training plan for players of GRETA network

GIP LLL also develops the activity on his own account:

  • Board Information and support candidates for Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)
  • Design and management of projects financed by partners from the economic world or supported by European programs such as ERASMUS + or FSE


Réseau International Cités des Métiers

The Réseau International des Cités des Métiers is an association that was created in 2001 and which brings together currently 28 spaces labeled “Cités des métiers” in 6 different countries (France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal).

A Cité des métiers is a multi-partner, free and anonymous place, open to any public looking for information and / or advice to think about and build their professional future. Within these structures, beneficiaries can interact with lifelong guidance professionals, read documentation on employment, jobs and training, participate in collective workshops or events (experts round tables, work-study forums, etc.).

The Network’s mission is to support the actions of its members and in particular to:

  • Unite the Cités des Métiers and support projects to create new Cities;
  • Ensure representation to national and international institutions;
  • The exchange of practices between the different Cités des métiers;
  • Promote the emergence and implementation of joint projects;
  • Promote studies or communication actions concerning integration, training or professional activity.

Our offices are located at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris, an institution which aims to promote scientific, technological and industrial culture, and our team is made up of three people: Benjamin, the international coordinator of the Network, Marion, head project manager, and Giorgia, project assistant.

We support or participate in several projects on a European scale, including ReSolution. Involved in all activities since the launch of the project, we have notably worked with Pour la Solidarité, a partner of ReSolution, on the development of a master document that analyzes innovation in the field of identification and mobilization of people excluded from employment and which highlights the challenges of the sector.

Our last production has just been completed: a module on the identification of people excluded from employment for the MOOC. Would you like to know more? See you soon on the project platform!

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