Newsletter September 2020

End of the confinement …: silence returns!

During the pandemic, the ReSolution team of 7 organisations from 5 EU countries did not stop working.

As you know, the ReSolution project will present 16 innovative initiatives in Europe, concerning the remobilisation of people far from employment. At the same time, a MOOC on this theme will soon be on offer to you.

The 16 initiatives have been written and translated into 6 languages.

The confinement is over: we can take out the cameras and start shooting the videos that will illustrate the initiatives and transmit our experiences on the different European terrains.

To be continued …


Have you tried online learning?

MOOC (massive open online courses) are a premium training tool in our digital age. They offer learning from the commodity and safety of our space of choice (office, work, cafe etc.) and at our own pace. It is possible to return to the content many times, or to jump units.

This flexible learning is very relevant in the current context of covid19. There are constant changes to our accessibility of spaces, changes to our availability, and job insecurities. The ReSolution project offers in this context a timely MOOC for employment professionals, who wish to adquiere new skills, or find inspiration for new approaches, to support people in long-term-unemployment.

During the covid19 confinement period, MOOCs have provided a format for easy and flexible learning. A steep rise in users shows that many people have overcome their shyness or even fear to try an online course, and discovered how easy they are to navigate.

You can read some articles about the impact and growth of MOOCs below, and please stay tuned for updates about our #ReSolution course!



Meet our partners!

Each newsletter we present to you one of our collaborators, this month, Sanjin Plakalo, senior project manager and referent of the ReSolution project at POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ – PLS:

« The ReSolution project is particularly close to our hearts, because PLS has been working on support projects for people excluded from employment for more than ten years. ReSolution provides us with innovative and necessary solutions to better remobilize these audiences in Belgium. Beyond Belgium, at the European level, we have observed that the support structures for groups remote from employment identify a need to develop the tools and approaches found.  »

Founded in 2002 and based in Brussels, Belgium, PLS is an independent think & do tank committed to a united and sustainable Europe.

For the ReSolution project, PLS brings its expertise in the organization of European and Belgian events, its know-how in the development of tools for professionals in the support of populations remote from employment, its network European players and structures operating in this field, as well as its expertise in research and analysis.

More precisely: pilot of the toolbox of innovative methods in terms of identifying and mobilizing people far from employment, major player in dissemination at Belgian and European levels, impact evaluator, organizer of the major final conference of the project in Brussels.



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