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People far away from employment constitute a heterogeneous group within the population aged 15 to 64, whose socio-professional integration is a major issue.

The tools to re-mobilise people into a professional environment are often missing or being misused due to the lack of information / formation in this area.

Among them, the young audience is particularly feeling the effects when young unemployment is bordering the 15.2% average (OECD) and in some countries reaches 20% (OECD).

As a result, the individuals who work with these groups are increasingly disaffiliated from support networks and methods of insertion.

The #ReSolutionEU Project is an effort of seven different entities from six EU countries ( Institut de l’entreprise et de l’innovation sociale (FR), CEPS Projectes Socials (ES), Cooperativa Orso (IT), Galileo Progetti (HU), GIP (FR), POUR LA SOLIDARITE (BE) and Réseau des Cités des métiers (FR)) to provide a set of tools which will allow employment insertion professionals to bring down these numbers and elevate the quality of the skillset already equipped by the professionals who work directly with these groups.